Bean For Our Health

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Healthy Canned, dried or roasted new, it does not matter, the beans are evil good for you. Beans one of the top 10 healthy foods

Such as oats, beans are rich in fiber, which keeps you regularly and also the risk of some cancers and heart disease.

Beans are also very versatile and come in a wide range of varieties, all with slightly different textures and flavors.

The best approach is to eat a variety of different beans, including black beans, pinto beans, white beans, kidney beans and garbanzos (chickpeas).


Because this protein and fiber, beans are also rich in antioxidants give, chemicals, their characteristic color and beans can neutralize free radicals that can cause cell damage in the body. By eating a variety of colorful beans, you get the full range of phytochemicals unique to each variety.

Beans are very versatile and can be added into all kinds of recipes. Including those of cereal (like pasta) or rice results in a complete protein. The beans can be pasta, rice, soups and even added in salads.
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Imprtant Eat time Food For Childern

Healthy Eating Foods - You have probably heard by their own parents: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But now tell you, it is - in his sleep, exhausted, cranky children who insist, "I'm not hungry," you try to get pissed off all the moves and in the morning.

Even if you eat a healthy meal a day in the morning, it can be difficult to get children fed in time for school, child care, or day play. But it is important to try. Here is how attractive breakfast for all.
Why bother with breakfast?

The breakfast is a great way to give the body the refueling it needs. Children who eat breakfast tend to eat healthier and generally participate more in physical activities - two great ways to maintain a healthy weight.

Skipping breakfast, children can feel tired, restless or irritable. In the morning, have their places for the day after fasting for 8 to 12 hours refuel during sleep. Your mood and energy can fall through the morning, if they do not want to eat, at least one meal in the morning.

Breakfast can also help children's weight in check. Breakfast kick-start the body's metabolism, the process by which the body converts food into fuel for energy. And when your metabolism in motion, the body begins to burn calories.

In addition, people who do not eat breakfast often more calories during the day and are more likely to be overweight. That's because someone skips breakfast, eat more before lunch and snack on high calorie foods or too much at noon hungry.
Brain Power Breakfast

It is important for children to eat breakfast every day, but what they eat in the morning is crucial too. The choice of breakfast foods rich in whole grains, fiber and protein, low in sugar may promote children's attention span, concentration and memory - they must learn to school.

Research has also shown that children eat, the fiber breakfast to get calcium and other important nutrients. They also tend to keep their weight under control, the cholesterol level in blood and fewer absences in school, and make fewer trips to the nurse with stomach problems related to hunger.
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FAQs about Fever in Children

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Translated by Tria Barmawi from articles written by:
Donna D'Alessandro, M.D.Lindsay Huth, B.A.Peer Review Status: Internally Reviewed Creation Date: October 2001 Last Revision Date: April 2002

General Questions, Short Answer
-What is fever?
-What causes fever?
-Whether the fever transmitted?
-A thermometer type is should I use?
-How do I measure the temperature of my child?
-How to overcome cold?
-How long should the fever lasts?
-How to prevent dengue fever?
-When should I call the doctor?

If a fever?
Fever is the increase in body temperature
Fever is a symptom, not the disease. Fever indicates that there is a problem on our bodies and our bodies are over it.
Your child's fever when the results of the temperature measurement via anus exceeded 100.4 degrees F (38 degrees C).
Your child's fever when the results of the measurements of the temperature through the mouth (oral) exceed 99.6 degrees F (37.7 degrees C).
Your child's fever when the results of the temperature measurement via armpit exceeding 98.6 degrees F (37 degrees C).
The normal temperature is 97-100.4 degrees F (36-38 degrees C).

What causes fever?
Fever is a symptom of a disease
Fever is the body's resistance mechanism to virus infection or bacteria
Fever is usually not dangerous

If the fever is contagious?
Does. Fever is not contagious.

How to use the thermometer?
A thermometer used to measure the temperature of the body of the child
Always wash thermometers with warm water (not hot!) after use. Can also use SOAP or alcohol. Flush with cold water and chill.
Save the thermometer in a safe place so that is not easily broken and not easy to reach children
There is some type of thermometer that can be used with a different way:
1. Glass Thermometer

Cheaper glass thermometers of the thermometer. Fragile, sometimes difficult to read, and the child should sit long enough for us to take a temperature
There are two types of thermometer glass.: oral Thermometer has a long and slender tubes. Thermometer anus bertabung short and round. Oral thermometer is the best.
Rocking-just shake the thermometer before and after use. Mercury/mercury should be there under the number before we use it
Take the temperature of your child. Hold the thermometer at the distance where we can easily read it. Rotate slowly until we can see water raksanya (black line).
See the numbers where the black lines stop. If the number in Fahrenheit, the thermometer would indicate 95, 96,97

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Don't shake the baby

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The way parents express his love in children indeed varied. Ever seen parents who throw-throw her baby into the air and catch it to hear the baby laugh? Or mengguncang-guncang his shoulder hard while expression is funny?
The way adults express pique had various, and often mengguncang-guncang the children made the means of impingement.
But, if You do so, then stop. And if you see others do so on their babies, cegahlah, because shaking the baby is very dangerous.

Shake the baby can cause serious problems in the brain of an infant, and can lead to problems that went on permanent, such as:
1. brain damage
2. cerebral palsy
3. the blind
4. epilepsy
5. difficulty speaking
6. learning difficulties
7. coordination difficulties
Some children can even cause death. This is known as shaken-baby-syndrome.
Why shook baby dangerous?
1. Baby has a head bigger than with the other members of the body, and neck muscles are still weak. If hit, his head will be snapped to the front and back.
2. Jolt-jolt it will shake the brain and ruin it.
3. the small blood vessels will join the broken, causing bleeding in the brain and surrounding areas, and also in the eyes of the baby.
The biggest risk is in infants under one year, but did not rule out the possibility can occur at a greater age.
To look out for is shock-shock can occur even when we were playing with the baby. Therefore there are some games and activities that should be avoided to prevent it, among others:
1. throw a baby into the air
2. running while carrying a baby on your back or in the head
3. Horse-piggyback style (infants up to the back, up to a foot and digoyang-goyang)
4. Rotate the baby
Do not forget to remind people about the baby, like his brothers, handler, his grandparents, not to shake a baby.

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Widal Test Positive Not Typhoid

Prof. Dr. Iwan Darmansjah, SpFK

When the season is being changed in Indonesia, especially in major cities, often found the disease typhus which is smooth bowel disease. The cause of some types of germ Salmonella typhi.

Germs typhoid especially brought on by contaminated water and food, as a source of drinking water in Jakarta, for example, less qualified. Vegetables can be washed with water times which also wear to the shelter of the waste. Outhouse ending in got or times. When typhoid germs from human being ill of typhus. Because of the large cities is a giant open latrines, then any typhoid germs are in many beverages and foods that passes by the cooking process.
The circumstances that led to the reality: there may be no people in Jakarta who never swallow typhoid germs! If only a bit of a kuman terminum body, usually people not exposed to typhoid. However, germs that little by little into the body of an immune reaction that raises can be monitored from the blood; known by the reaction of the Widal test positive.
Someone in Indonesia that have positive, yet Wal reaction means the pain of typhoid. But when this positive reaction occurs like Wal in Switzerland, and the Guy never eat at a roadside Jakarta and never given a typhus vaccine, then chances are he is suffering from typhoid. In developed countries waste disposal system funneled through the pipes is closed so it is not mixed with human excrement.
Today the General laboratory examination conducted in the Widal test is so there is a fever 1-3 days. When the reaction of the Widal test found positive, the person becomes agitated. Sometimes he ate his own antibiotic drugs or lab results showed it to the doctor. It often happens, doctors give drug typhoid to him directly.
Widal test, like all of the results of the laboratory, must be interpreted wisely. Clinical signs of sufferers should take precedence over the Widal test positive reaction. Why? Because almost all people in Indonesia have had a positive reaction Wal without ill of typhus. People with typhoid fever starts low (subfebril) night, missing the next day, repeated again that night, and the day higher. Start of the evening, then lunch as well. Typhoid can never start with a high fever on the first day until the third. When the fever continues and on day 5-6 being higher, then it was time to check the Widal test and do the breeding of germs from the blood. The results of the breeding of germs typhoid positive is evidence certainly the existence of typhoid. Unfortunately, the results of this new culture of germ known after one week (outside of the country in 2-3 days, and this is a great challenge to our laboratory).
Numbers reaction Wal alone are meaningless, because of rising temperatures, slowly, until it reached temperatures higher after 5-6 days are simtom more important to suspect the existence of typhoid. High fever that occurs until 4-5 days, without signs of infectious germs that obviously, more than 90% likely is infection by the virus, which need not be given antibiotics.
In contrast to the diet of ancient times, now typhoid does not require a strict diet of porridge; Rice rather mushy enough already. Meat, eggs, fish, chicken, tofu, tempeh, vegetables, and fruit is okay. However, spicy and hard as a nut should be avoided. More important is the rest (sleep terlentang) all day, until the heat down for several days.
When cared for at home he was allowed to stand and walk slowly only once a day for shitting. Piss in bed only. Temperature note four times a day to be shown in the treating physician. However, sufferers forbidden to go to the doctor's practice. A lot of movement causes the temperature went up again, because the germ regardless of where its development in the intestines into the blood. The movement of many also pose a risk of intestinal rupture in week 3-4. With this treatment and drug antitifus special, new fever will go down in 4-8 days. When summer is down in 1-2 days after treatment, it is likely not typhus suffered.
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Do Not Underestimate The Difficulties Of Feeding The Child

The following are articles from Dr. Farshad Judarwanto, SpA. of Picky Eater Clinic.
Thanks a lot for Dr. Widodo over his participation. Hopefully this article is useful for the readers of the site and delivered in the other parent. The article is divided into two posts: and difficulty Eating in young, Handling problems and solutions.

by Dr. Farshad Judarwanto SpA,
Picky Eater Clinic (Clinics Difficulty Eating Children),
Children Family Clinic Jakarta
Email: wido25

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Difficulty Eating in young, Handling problems and solutions

Dr Farshad Judarwanto SpA,
Difficulty Eating Children's Clinic (Picky Eater Clinic), Children Family Clinic Jakarta
JL. Rawasari South 50 Cempaka Putih, Jakarta Center
Email: wido25
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